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Zeit: 25-APR-2017 14:00
Raum: Schloss Richmond
Vortrag: 1A01
Speaker: Camiel Vanderhoeven (VMS Software Incorporated)
Titel: VSI OpenVMS Roadmap
Abstract: This latest 2017-2019 product roadmap includes,
among other things, the production release of VSI
OpenVMS for Alpha and more details about the port
of OpenVMS to x86-64.

Future Releases

In addition to launching the latest 8.4-2L1 Hudson
Release and the previous Maynard and Bolton
releases on HPE Itanium Poulson-based servers, our
R&D department is already working on the next
generation of platforms for OpenVMS. OpenVMS will
be ported to the industry standard x86-64 platform,
allowing OpenVMS to, for the first time, share a
common hardware standard with the rest of the
enterprise market.