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Zeit: 25-APR-2017 17:30
Raum: Schloss Richmond
Vortrag: 1A05
Speaker: Gerrit Woertman (VMSConsultancy)
Titel: Experiences with VSI OpenVMS 8.4-2L1 for Alpha
Abstract: New life for OpenVMS on Alpha?
Last year VSI made available an Evaluation Kit for OpenVMS 8.4-2 on Alpha.
Based on the positive reactions they have now made a formal version.
So all improvements developed for Itanium, where possible, implemented on Alpha.
This version is an upgrade-only version from 7.3-2, 8.3, or 8.4.
In this session you will hear/see experiences from the last couple of months with this Alpha-version.
And hear about restrictions, and possibilities.