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Zeit: 26-APR-2017 17:00
Raum: Joseph F. Engelberger
Vortrag: 2C05
Speaker: Gerrit Woertman (VMSConsultancy)
Titel: Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry Pi – MQTT – OpenVMS
Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is a hype. Each computer company has plans with IoT.
In this session we will use a Raspberry Pi. Yep, the same computer that can simulate VAX/VMS with SIMH.
The same small Raspberry Pi is a fun toy to showcase IoT.
In a hands-on demo a Raspberry Pi will send temperature sensor-data to an Itanium RX2660 running VSI OpenVMS 8.4-2L1 as MQTT broker host. And a smartphone with the IoT MQTT Dashboard app will subscribe tot his IoT-data.
Why use OpenVMS as MQTT broker? Just because of stability and security