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Zeit: 27-APR-2017 09:00
Raum: Joseph F. Engelberger
Vortrag: 3B01
Speaker: Carl Friedberg (Comet & Company (comets.com))
Titel: Perl for VMS System Managers: a Beginners Introduction
Abstract: Perl, invented many years ago by Larry
Wall, is one of the best examples of
Open Source Software. Perl runs on many
systems, including Alpha Nd Itanium
VMS. Perl is a very power scripting
language which can be used to process
text or more complex data objects. Perl
interfaces to VMS system services, so
can be used for some system programming
as well. This presentation will only
touch the surface, but will enable you
to get started using Perl on your own
VMS systems. THis is an introductory
talk for VMS SysAdmins who do not
currently know perl.