We are back in Berlin!

IT- Symposium 2024

April 8th - 10th, 2024

The IT Symposium 2024 by Connect Deutschland e.V. will be held together with the European NonStop HotSpot 2024 conference and exhibition by GTUG e.V. in the inspiring ambience of the German capital.

Get first-hand information about the latest strategic and technical developments of HPE products, as well as information from users and partners. Discuss your requirements with on-site HPE managers and meet with your colleagues.

This important event provides you with the most up-to-date information, enables the exchange of experiences with international experts and offers an invaluable platform for networking and training.

Enjoy your stay at the Steigenberger Hotel “Am Kanzleramt” with its comfortable facilities. The conference location is in the heart of the city.

Welcome to Berlin, this ever-inspiring city that brings together past, present and future!

*) Conference language is English 



   Hewlett Packard Enterprise
   Casey Taylor, Ian Inglis, Arun Fernandes and others, HPE

Very good coverage from high level HPE management.

   Jan Fischer, coordinator Gaia-X Hub Germany

How data-driven business models in decentralised data ecosystems could secure Europe as an industrial location

In an era where data has become a critical asset for businesses, Gaia-X emerges as a groundbreaking initiative designed to shape the future of Europe's industrial landscape. Gaia-X represents a collaborative effort between industry leaders, policymakers, and technology experts to create a secure and sovereign European data infrastructure. This presentation will delve into the core principles of Gaia-X, exploring how decentralized data ecosystems can transform the way businesses operate, innovate, and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

   Xaviar Poisson, HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise supports Gaia-X goal that fits with our edgetocloud platform as a service vision.

   Gaia-X - EuroDaT - the European Data Trustee
   Dr. Moritz Kiese, d-fine

The European Data Trustee (EuroDaT) is the first data trustee following the EU’s Data Governance Act in the Gaia-X universe. EuroDaT facilitates data exchange for joint analyses while still respecting the data sovereignty of the involved parties. Initiated through a publicly funded research project, now operational as a state-owned entity, we will describe two use-cases, namely a platform for detecting money-laundering activities and an open and fair ESG data-platform.

   OpenVMS SIG Germany

Unser OpenVMS SIG Sprecher, Peter Ranisch, hat für Dienstag und Mittwoch einen interessanten und abwechslungsreichen OpenVMS Stream zusammengestellt. 

   NonIT Keynote: "Big Dadaism"
   Vince Ebert, Kabarettist

       A common sense approach to digitization

Will Big Data and Artificial Intelligence really revolutionize the way we work? Vince suggests that we take a step back and relax a bit. In this keynote, speaker Vince Ebert debunks popular myths regarding our future and clarifies the role of technologies such as AI in our lives.

Through surprising and funny examples, Vince will show that humans will always be better than any computer – even in the future. Furthermore, he will also teach you how to use your imagination and creativity to be successful in the future.

Vince designed the talk »BIG DADAISM« to encourage his audience to use common sense instead of blindly the digital hysteria which surrounds us these days.

Vince Ebert, physicist and comedian, is a big hit in his native Germany and is gaining popularity around the world for his quirky approach to science and comedy.

With his stand-up shows he regularly performs to 1000+ fans. He has been hosting his own prime time science show on German television and his books have sold over 500,000 copies.

 Additionally, his keynotes earned Vince a great reputation as international companies frequently hire him.

Vince’s mission for the past 20 years on stage has been to convey scientific facts within the fundamental laws of humor. Vince Ebert is on the road to export his unique sense of German scientific humor to English speaking countries. He can can captivate both lay and scientific audiences with his wordplay and humor.

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