Oracle Sessions


   Oracle Product Update
   Kevin Duffy,  Oracle

  Oracle Database and Oracle Rdb Product Family Update - Public.pdf

Oracle Rdb and Oracle Database on OpenVMS Business and Product Update

This talk covers Oracle's commitment to Rdb and the Oracle Database on OpenVMS; working with HPE and VSI; product strategy; release history over the last year; current development activity; current project priorities, major feature highlights; product roadmaps and plans for future development over the next 1 to 2 years. The purpose of is to provide the listener with an overview of the plans and direction for both Oracle Rdb and the Oracle Database on OpenVMS.

   What's New In Oracle Rdb
   Kevin Duffy,  Oracle

  Recent Developments in Oracle Rdb.pdf

Recent Development in the Oracle Rdb Family of Products

This talk covers highlights of the new features in Oracle's Rdb's product family that have shipped over the last year or are soon to be released. This includes new features in Oracle Rdb 7.3.3; Oracle Rdb Connectivity Manager (ORCM) 7.3.2 and SQl Services 7.3.3. Areas covered include enhancements to SQL; the Optimizer; RMU Show Statistics; the new ORCM categories for RMU, Show Statistics, Schema Differencs and External tools and LDAP authentication with SQL Services. This talk will be presented both locally and via a remote web conference.

   On OpenVMS: Running Oracle APEX
   Andreas Cejna,  Campus Marienthal Services GmbH

Migration einer Oracle APEX Anwendung von Linux auf OpenVMS

APEX wird von Oracle als Entwicklungsplattform für Web-Applikationen intensiv beworben. Wir haben uns auf die Reise gemacht und eine uns zur Verfügung stehende Applikation auf OpenVMS migriert. Wir freuen uns, unsere Erfahrungen auf diesem Weg mit Ihnen zu teilen.