Further Sessions


   OpenVMS in the Cloud
   Arie de Groot,  AVTware

Run your Alpha and VAX applications in the Cloud

Recently the OpenVMS/Tru64 community has expressed interest in Cloud computing. A lot of discussion - pro and con - is going on about the possibility of OpenVMS in the Cloud. AVT doesn't participate in that debate, we continue to do what we are good at: providing a solution for an emerging demand. If a customer decides they want to run their OpenVMS or Tru64 applications in the Cloud, AVTware provides a solution for that. This presentation will address how to setup a secure operating environment while bringing your OpenVMS/Tru64 applications to the Cloud without changing your software.

   eCube update/security update/VSI Alpha update
   Gerrit Woertman,  Woertman Soest VMSConsultancy


  • latest eCube development environment
  • GDPR and VMS-security products
  • VSI Alpha OpenVMS
   Fieldreport VSI-Migration
   Martin Vorländer,  PDV-Systeme GmbH

Migrating to VSI OpenVMS - A Field Report.pdf

Migrating to VSI OpenVMS - A Field Report

Es werden die Erfahrungen bei der Migration des unter OpenVMS laufenden ERP-System der PDV-Systeme von OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 und OpenVMS I64 8.3-1H1 auf VSI OpenVMS 8.4-2L1 geschildert.

   Modern OpenVMS System Management
   Johan Michiels,  EuroVMS


This session makes an inventory of the tools an OpenVMS system manager needs to monitor a complete production environment, as such delivering a real professional job. Some case studies related to security and long-distance clusters are discussed to illustrate the usefulness of those tools.