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    Software quality is like beauty
    Sabine Radomski, Software Engineering, Hochschule für Telekommunikation

Make software quality visible with a seal of approval

The progressive digitization places high requirements on the Quality of software. But technical debts integrated in software during the project process and not paid return by maintenance. A vicious circle, driven by high cost pressure, leads to bad software. The Customers are adjust to use bad software and they are don't want to pay for quality. The savings delusion opens the door for cybercrime. With a seal can be awarded good software and the mature customer can consciously choose how much he want to invest in quality and security. 

Biografie Vortragende 

Prof. Sabine Radomski lehrt seit 17 Jahren an der Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig (HfTL) in den Bereichen Verteilte Systeme, Software Engineering, Software Management sowie User Experience. Daneben engagiert sie sich sehr stark für die Förderung des IT-Nachwuchses und forscht in den Segmenten Cloud-Computing, IT-Sicherheit und Softwarequalität.

    Application Modernization for OpenVMS Customers
    Brett Cameron, Director of Applications and Open Source, VMS Software Inc.

Many OpenVMS users run large, complex, business-critical custom written software applications that have served them exceptionally well for many years and continue to do so, but for whatever reason these applications now need to interoperate and exchange data with other external systems via new industry-standard mechanisms, or applications might require a new or alternative user interface to bring them into line with other systems. The options available are to replace the existing OpenVMS-based application environment or to modernize (“rejuvenate”) it in some way so that it can operate in the new technology environment and continue to serve the business, potentially adding even greater business value. In this talk, the Brett will introduce the topic of application modernization and will discuss some of the different approaches and methods than can be taken to modernize custom OpenVMS application environments. Finally, Brett will introduce a set of services that can be provided by VMS Software Inc. to help OpenVMS users to modernize their application environment and retain their considerable and valuable investment in OpenVMS technology, so that it to take advantage of new software technologies and better interact with other systems.

Biografie Vortragender

Brett Cameron works as Director of Applications and Open Source Services at VMS Software (http://www.vmssoftware.com), helping to define and implement the company’s Open Source strategy for the OpenVMS operating system. Before joining VMS Software Brett worked as a senior architect with HP’s Cloud and Enterprise Services groups. Brett lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and has worked in the software industry since starting work with Digital Equipment Corporation in 1992, and in that time he has gained experience in a wide range of software technologies, focusing primarily in areas such as distributed systems, transaction processing, and integration. Over the past decade Brett has spent considerable time travelling the world helping organisations to modernize their legacy application environments and to better leverage Open Source technologies. In more recent times, his involvement with various Open Source projects and his work in the cloud computing space has caused him to develop a liking for functional programming languages, and Erlang in particular, which he has ported to several exotic platforms. Brett holds a doctorate in chemical physics from the University of Canterbury, and maintains close links with the University, delivering guest lectures and acting as an advisor to the Computer Science department on course structure and content. In his spare time Brett enjoys listening to music and playing the guitar.

    One-on-One Meetings
    Terry R. Holmes, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, VMS Software Inc.

Möglichkeit zu einem persönlichen One-on-One-Meeting mit dem VSI Management.

Vereinbaren Sie Ihr persönliches One-on-One Meeting indem Sie vor Symposiumsbeginn eine Terminanfrage an symposium2018@connect-community.de senden. 


Terry brings with him over 25 years of experience leading sales and marketing organizations, including growth initiatives of various sized organizations serving the aerospace, automotive, financial services, government, healthcare, and other markets.

Prior to joining VMS Software, Inc., he was Director of Sales at Madico Specialty Films. Terry has also been the VP of Sales & Marketing for a European based specialty engineered components company and held a similar position for a USA based firm in the same industry. Earlier in Terry’s career, he worked in various sales, product marketing, and sales management roles with Polaroid Corporation.

Terry is a graduate of The University of Michigan Ross School of Business.


    Blockchain - Decentralization of Trust
    Christian Reichenbach, Pointnext, HPE

Blockchain - Decentralization of Trust - Concept, Ingredients and adoption in business

The hype about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies has reached its plateau late 2017. Expecting the trough of disillusionment coming soon, what will remain after all? Listening to a down-to-earth talk about the core concept of Blockchain, the underlying technology-ingredients and get an overview of real-live examples.

Biografie Vortragender

Christian Reichenbach is Solution Strategist for Blockchain and operating model transformations at HPE’s consulting and services organization HPE Pointnext. Christian works with international colleagues in Blockchain and distributed ledger incubation projects and advises clients in terms of Blockchain awareness and adoption. He is responsible for various prototypes, such as machine-to-machine payment and monetization of vehicle-sensor-data. Further, he develops several HPE advisory services and is co-inventor of HPE’s Blockchain Discovery Workshop