Workshops - Montag, 14. May, 14:00 - 18:00

   Blockchain - Decentralization of Trust
   Marvin König & Marcus Friedrich, HPE Pointnext

Beyond the hype

While Blockchain is one of the most influential and disrupting innovations of the past years it is important to use this technology only were it really creates a value. This workshop is meant to go beyond the hype. How does this technology work? What benefits can I derive from it? Where can I apply it? Those and other questions will be answered.


  • Introduction
  • Blockchain basics
  • Blockchain in a business environment
  • Ideation for Blockchain Use Cases
  • Result presentation & discussion


Marvin König and Marcus Friedrich are Consultants with a focus on Blockchain Technology for HPE’s services organization Pointnext. They advise customers on how they can leverage the full potential of Blockchain/DLT projects using HPE’s Blockchain Discovery Workshop methodology. Furthermore they accompany customer projects from the early ideation to the Proof of Concept.

   NonStop SQL/MX Database Services (DBS)
   Frans Jongma, HPE

The topics that are addressed in this workshop are:

  • SQL/MX DBS Concepts & implementation
  • Installation, how to configure your system for DBS?
  • When and where would you use DBS?
  • How does Database Compatibility fit in?

Small demos will be used to explain the working of DBS. Questions are welcome!